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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Making ART rings

Hi to everyone out there
A poor 'feel' to the weather today - dull and coldish ! Never mind ......

I hope to have my blog app up and running again without any 'hitches' !
I needed to get rid of the 'mobile app' yesterday and start again. Not sure what's gone on ? but I have noticed several little glitches every now and again. Yesterday, the whole thing just would not upload. I persisted in writing several new versions of the blog but no good. Eventually, towards the end of the afternoon, I reloaded the app - bingo ! So 'all is well' as Miss Mitchell would say.

I wasted lots of time yesterday but managed to get started with making some rings from polymer clay - Ive been trying to do this for weeks (time just ran out each day !). My efforts are OK ish but it's my first try (with rings) so Im being realistic. I did try and accommodate 'shrinkage' with the clay. I'd read that this is always a problem. All my examples didn't shrink so most are not the right size. However, that's what 'prototyping' is all about ! Here is a quick peak at my efforts.

The third photo is a top for a ring - the band is yet to be made.

The collection photo is the product of my session from yesterday. There are a few simple oval beads and some cone like beads too. My designs came from looking at lots of art rings and making some simple sketches and adding notes.

I've since coated the items with Renaissance wax polish - this gives a lovely hardened sheen to the items.

My favourite is the thick green ring. I did wear it last night, just to check how it works as a 'ring'. I do wear big rings often but often find the balance or the thickness of the back of the ring are not always very practical. This one is good. It's very bulky on the top but it's OK to generally wear and comfortable when doing minor jobs.

This is not a brilliant photo - it's difficult to take a picture of a ring on your own hand but it gives the general idea and proportion of the ring. I will get someone to help and share another time when I have more finished stuff.

I'm going to have another try today with 'rings' and improve on the originals. I'm not sure what will turn out but Im learning about polymer clay and its going well. I originally wanted to develop my skills for use with my multi media work but am quite enthusiastic about the 'ring' angle.

That's it for today. Bye for now.