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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Rings and more rings ..........

Hi to everyone out there
We have a lovely morning here - almost 3 days of deep sunshine and very warm(at last). The sky is blue too ! Lovely view from my work table.

Not much 'work work' going on, it's been a 'garden long weekend' at home - hard gardening and a little 'sitting'. Lots more gardening to do - making up for a whole years neglect ! It's a small space so almost manageable. Back to 'normal' now - that means everyone back to work or school and Im (as usual) struggling with getting into my daily routines.

This weeks inspiration is coming from 'rings'. I've mentioned and shared a few of my new experimental rings using polymer clay. I've done some more clay rings and have been looking for new ideas on Pinterest. I've pinned loads of examples and will use them to develop ideas this week. I also found some great ideas in a leaflet from a magazine - ive been looking at the pages for about a week and theres a colour scheme happening as well as some shapes. The jewellery pieces which are inspiring me are in metal but I can see some potential for clay in a number of the pieces. Here is the image of the jewellery. My colours will focus on 'blues' - lots of different shades.

- lets see what comes out? In the meantime, these are a few of my creations. They all need a little more work - polishing and filing etc.

I hope to develop some more beads to compliment the rings this week and maybe make some different types of jewellery. I have some ideas for incorporating jewellery ideas in to my next paining too. I like the idea of creating a piece and adding the finished item to the painting (with the back flattened for sticking). So, this week is all RINGS. There are some amazing but impractical rings out there, I hope to make my rings wearable - which is much more difficult than it may first appear. The polymer material carves really well so I think I will start adapting some of the examples Ive made (shown here) to be more 'elaborate' finished items. My colour schemes are generally accidental and if honest Im not too keen on the polymer colours available - without lots of blending and fiddling. Im getting into the mixing and blending to understand colour compositions in various makes of clay and also I like the idea of painting beads. Somehow painting feels the best way to go - this will allow me to use clear or transparent clay and maybe more creative colours will emerge for me. Lets see what happens. I need to explore more packaging ideas too. My Fridays packaging (last week) has not moved on (yet) that will be my focus for today.

On that note, bye for today.