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Friday, 3 May 2013

Miss Burton's Beads

Hi to everyone out there
Not sure what will happen to the weather today, it's been both sunny and on the edge of showers most of the morning.
Hopes are high for a dry afternoon !

It's Friday and die cuts are back today. Last week, I did intend to develop some packaging for some new clay beads Ive been experimenting with. Time ran out and very little happened last Friday. It's a distant memory and I can't even remember what did take priority ? Let move on.......

I'm 'semi back' on track and have started the packaging ideas (the very same plan from last week). My inspiration is coming from a Miss Burton original. Here she is with the beads - I know the beads are very small in this picture but its just for 'context'. Look back for more detailed stuff on these beads.

My idea is to package little parcels of beads for my customers eg the craft jewellery people or those people that just collect beads - such people do exist ! I know because I am one of them. I have intentions of doing something creative and eventually I usually do ! I just like 'beads' - I will also make up a few jewellery items for ideas and for me (to wear). If they are OK I will put some in the shops. Anyway back to packaging, I'm using the gift pocket idea - in a simple packet form with a tissue wrapped item(s) inside - the packet will be 'glued' or stapled down with a pretty label or gift tag and then packaged for post (in a recycled box).

I've started with the packets and have followed my usual approach (look back to former blogs for more details on 'gift pocket' construction - I have a tutorial). Instead of making a triangle pocket, Ive made a simple bag.

I'm trying two versions - I need to get my brand on there somehow and also need to check the fastening works.
I like simple, effective construction and will thoroughly check out the quality before using. The final bags (will refer to them as 'bags' to distinguish between the pocket construction) will need to be branded with thepapersac and Im unsure about exactly how the strap line should be positioned - bottom or top ?Any opinions welcome.
At the moment I like the top version - looks neater and I can adjust my 'fold' to accommodate package final sizes.

The labels and tags Ive chosen to make are started with a new die to me - its been on the shelf a while but Ive not anything with it. The die is a collection of tickets. Loads of potential. It's a thin die which needs the the Mulipurpose Platform. It's a great die - I love it. It works really well and has cut through quite thick card - often a problem with dies that have lots of stuff on them - for a single cut.

I'm using orange and purple for my colour scheme - to compliment the beads and Miss Burton painting.
I will play around with the labels and see what works best. I need them to look pretty and a bit different but also not too time consuming to make. My plan is to produce a limited edition of these things including the beads etc. so when they are sold that's it. I've decided that the is the point of what I do and mass production is not me. I'm very keen to experiment and move on with all my stuff and I feel the packaging should follow the same principle.

Whatever I do - I think I have pinned it down to using the items in the last photo. I will add bits of other stuff and see what happens. Will report my findings next time.

Must go and see some people about something else, so that it for today.

Have a great Bank Holiday and I'll be back next Tuesday, bye for now.