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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What would BERNADETTE say ?

Hi everyone
Not sure what the weather will do today - it's a bit cool and damp but still dry(at the moment) some big heavy clouds look ominous but every now and again, there is bright sunshine !

Today, is Wednesday and its all about dolls. My doll of the week has to be Annabel. Here she is with a little 'extra treatment'.

Annabel has been 'in waiting' for the whole week and Im yet to get to grips with her development. She has been drawn in pencil and her face has quite a bit of wax colour. Her clothes and hair have their first layer but lots more layers to add. Im hoping to get some paint on her today. In the meantime, this image of Annabel has some extra doodles from a new app I have via 'A Beautiful Mess'.

The app is a great little tool for adding stuff to images - Ive had great fun using it. The app uses simple doodling type strokes (words,little sketches,borders etc) layered on top of photos and easily allows posting onto social media sites or email.

I also wanted to share another 'doll to be' today. She will be called 'Bernadette'. Im using a book Im currently reading to inspire Bernadette. The cover of the book is amazing (as is the book - great fun to read).

I'm going to use a similar face for Bernadette but the body will be inspired by Audrey Hepburn (one of my all time favourite looks).

Im not sure if she will have an evening gown or some cropped trousers ?
I have another book which talks about the 'Audrey response' to all manner of things and I like this idea for Bernadette. Her (Bernadette) story will be created around responses to specific situations - yet to be thought about .
I will call the painting (with Bernadette as the central character) 'What would Bernadette say ?' Much to do !!! My aim is to get a sketch of Bernadette before close of play today. Ambitious !

Each day, I move each of my three chosen works of the week on. At the beginning of each week I will have identified the chosen three. This week it's JUST WALKING, what would BERNADETTE say ? and introducing ANNABEL. This is just a broad framework for myself and its OK to change etc. Without this discipline, I tend to jump from one job to another and get nothing done. I record this visually on my Butterfly Board. Here it is in action :

Must get to it all !!

Bye for now