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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My take on KLIMT

Hi everyone
It's a bit dull today - we did have forecasts which suggested 'severe storms' ? not arrived here, we've had a bit of rain overnight but no storms.

Im still trying to complete the mini project of the moment which is rapidly turning into an 'epic' ! The project, a clay jacket for an insect !(sounds a bit odd but there it is !) is going fine in theory - other than actually completing it ! I made the main part of the 'jacket' last week but decided it needs to be more elaborate.

To facilitate, I've developed a 'pattern' for the next stage.
Here is the pattern :

The pattern has centre stage on my Butterfly Board. This board is a prompt style organiser for my work.The job with the highest priority gets to be in the middle - Cyril's (an insect) jacket is on 'high priority' status so earns a place the middle. I've decided the jacket needs A,B and C colours. I will also try and give each section a different texture. The whole thing is about the size of a large thumb nail, so we are talking real detail here. The term KLIMT (in the picture of the pattern) relates to the painter Gustav KLIMTand his style of painting - here is an example of one of his works which illustrates my point.

Here is my example of the partly developed jacket - highlighting the Klimt circles.

Well, must get to my 'priority' job.

Bye for now.