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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Making 'Art'Cards

Hi everyone
It's 'on the edge' of raining - quite 'chilly' too. As I write, there are huge hail stones hitting the window ! It was good for running earlier !!!
Just wanted to confirm that my running app has worked this morning. All is well (as Miss Mitchell would say) ! This is a reference to a 'techie' issue last Friday - for information.

Back to the moment, on Thursdays, I like to talk about 'techniques'. My aim around focussing on 'techniques' is to look (in detail) and talk about - in a practical way - my own personal skills development. So, my definition of techniques in this context, is a very broad one and applied to my own style of creativity. I'm deliberately combining all manner of techniques in my work - from polymer clay creations to making stamps as well as developing painting skills. My work has a multi media label so I feel free to combine as many as I like. However, I think there is a downside to having too much choice, often my best work is done when the choices are limited to me. With this in mind,Im trying to limit which techniques and materials are used within a single piece of work.

The inspiration, I gave myself this week was to do with 'measurement' ( prompted by a recent stamp purchase with lots of rulers on it).

Although, this was the inspiration - I'm looking at measurement in the widest possible sense and including 'scale' and 'proportion' etc. I don't think Ive actually used 'the stamp' this week , at all.To get back to techniques and what I need for today. Im using the measure inspiration prompt to help me develop an idea for an urgent request for a personalised greetings card. I need to produce the finished item today and was wondering what to do ?The card is for a lady about to go on maternity leave. I wanted to make it personal and I know she is having a baby girl and I know her name. With this in mind and using my measure prompt Ive come up with an idea for the basic images while out running this morning. I'm using an image Ive borrowed from Marisa Anne in her book Creative Thursday. I've taken the image and adapted it to form the card. The card will use various different views of a single image, arranging them to form the card/ envelope in different sizes.

The sizes of the little characters are amazing and just right for my needs ie baby bunny and mummy flower. I'm adding text and possibly some bunting or scallop edges - not sure. Ive also decided to use a printed paper from Pink Petticoat Check it here as the base card. I will share the finished version later. I'm not selling the card - it would be too close to stealing someone's composition but I will use it to inspire and create some similar sketches of my own. I will also give the artist credit for the work. It's a tricky argument to talk about 'creative ownership'. I've tackled this before on this blog (few years back). This image which is clearly a Marisa Anne piece of work is one thing but standing three/four items/characters in a line and following my own colour scheme - to me, is OK if you have drawn them. Perhaps, that needs to be a discussion is for another day ?

My technique today (to summarise) is taking an image and turning it into a card by manipulating the artwork. I'm combining a computer technique with design and paper layering and envelope making - with special attention to the detail - essentially 'paper crafting'.I do like to hand finish cards by using some paint or wax pencils to highlight images. When the card is printed up I will review and check if something else is required - only then, will I know what I need to add or not. I will let you know tomorrow. I think this sought of practice ie making cards is a great technique skill for embedding paper elements into my paintings. I learn lots by making cards and envelopes, I guess I treat the card and envelope more as a piece of Art rather than a card.

Must get on and make it.

Bye for now.