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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

My New Art Yarn Scarf

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm sharing the progress of my Art Yarn Neck Warmer. I've worked on several versions - Inthink this is version 5 (read back yesterday for more on this) and I'm ready to embellish the neck warmer with the lovely coloured, fine curly yarn. I'm planning on adding extra beads as the design takes form. I'm not sure how this will turn out ? but I'm hoping it will work out well. I don't want to overdo the embellishment but I definitely want to get all the interesting yarn worked into the item.
Here's a quick look at the progress, so far ........


I've added some small pieces of yarn to resemble flower buds in contrasting colours and textures. I like the effect and think I can keep going with a little more. I'm planning on developing some polymer clay beads in a range of colour tones to highlight the flower buds. I think, I need a button too ? I'm considering making a polymer clay button. I think the button could attach on the back of the flap, this would give a hidden closure and allow the flower bud design to be the focus of the front. 
At the moment, the neckwarmer is a little too not and controlled. I need to get some loose textures going on the surface - possibly ?

Thanks for calling in.