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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Art Dolls

Hi Everyone
I'm hoping I can move on the Art Dolls Project today. I've got the fabric together and thought long and hard about the production of the eyes. I'm going to try and paint the centre of the eyes and develop a liquid acrylic medium eyeball. The painted element will be embedded into the eyeball. My concern is the acrylic medium will dry to a dull finish. I'm probably going to need to experiment and try out a range of products. My initial plan was to buy some glass eyes but I can't find any the right size or the Miss Mitchell eye shape.
The finished eyeballs will need to be built into the face and at the moment I'm thinking about adding more paper to encase the eyes. I will paint the face and hands in a subtle beige colour. The jury is still out on the hair !!


Mary's clothes are underway and I'm hoping to finish a dress today. I'm looking forward to knitting a cardigan and some kind of stockings. The shoes are in design stage but I'd love to make something quite ornate/ a little Marie Antoinette !
I'm influenced by the great Julie Arkell re my dolls, so will hopefully go for some embroidered words somewhere. Julie makes little aprons with a message embroidered into it. I can't quite decide what I will do ? At the moment, I'm thinking about developing my words around the hem of the dresses. 

I will be doing regular updates on the dolls so keep calling in to check on their progress.

Thanks for calling in today.