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Monday, 10 October 2016

Dye Job

Hi Everyone
Im sharing the results of my latest dye project today. If you called in on Friday, you will know that I was preparing  to re dye a cowl/neck scarf knitted a few weeks ago. The original yarn was a plain cream cotton Aran, perfect for dying (so I thought !).
My first attempt produced a range of colours but not quite as expected - see image bottom right. The colours, although pretty, needed to be much deeper. I had high hopes for my second attempt, last Friday.

However ! 
 As you can see, the intended colours are still not quite there ! I've managed to achieve a deeper range of colours but I've lost the Orange/teal colours that I'd  planned. The colours I mixed seemed perfect when applied - see image top right. I'm not certain what my problem is ? I guess it's all about testing the shade of the colour on a given material. I think I could also have washed the original yarn more thoroughly - I have an idea that the yarn was coated in something which stopped the dye from working. Perhaps, this will also interfere with subsequent attempts ?
After blocking the cowl for shape, Ive started to attach the fringe and it's looking good. The fringe goes all around the cowl so there's more work needed but the colours are growing on me and it feels great to wear.

Thanks for calling in.