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Friday, 14 October 2016

More Fish Stuff

Hi Everyone
I'm still working away with my fish stamps to design extra elements for the gift wrapping project. Yesterday, I constructed a small pillow box and made a few little wraps and a label to embellish the plain navy card of the box. I also used an embossing technique with the stamps, I particularly like the results of the red embossing.


Another gift wrapping item I was keen to develop was an envelope. I almost always make my own envelopes. I like to use a range of papers and/or card to add a little something extra to encase a hand crafted card. I love to hear the sound of an envelope made from card dropping through the post box onto the floor. The hand crafted envelope is something to be savoured and admired. I love to see a subtle embellishment on an envelope too - not too busy !

Here's a quick photo story of how I built this envelope. I started my envelope with a simple piece of stiff white paper (not card this time). I used a basic folding board and a bone creaser to create folding lines in the paper. I simply halfed the sheet of paper and made a channel down both edges and one on the top (2) - I didn't measure these folds, just used my eye to choose the space. In picture (3), I trimmed the folding corners and in (4) cut the excess paper to allow the fold to be glued to complete the envelope.


The images below show the envelope flaps stuck down and a few fish images stamped on the front and back.


I need to arrange all my gift wrap items together (in a bit of a photo shoot) and assess if I need to make more ? I tend to prefer a simple look for gift 
wrapping but this approach often underestimates the work required.

Thanks for calling in today.