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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Decoupage Printing

Hi Everyone
The decoupage paper plans (from yesterday) proved to be a great success. I was rather anxious that my ink would bleed and the papers would end up a bit of a mess. However, no such issues ! I had a great time covering a tiny little box and my only slight problem was the degree of white space on the pattern design. I should have printed my images much closer together and eliminated most the white spaces between the coloured parts.
I used the small fish stamp (read back a few days for more on this).


I used Decopatch glue for the job and tried both scissors and tearing to prepare the paper for sticking onto the box. My preferred method is to tear although I did cut certain bits to get a clear fish image on the bottom. The tear method allows the pattern to merge into one so any cut marks tend to stand out.
 The photo, bottom left, shows how little waste there was after the decoupage job but I was surprised at how much paper I needed - almost a whole sheet.
I do like the finished box and will complete the lid decoration with another little embellishment - an extra fish !
While I was pasting my papers onto the box lots of extra ideas popped into my head re using the papers for gift wrap. I'm hoping to complete a little collection later and will share my results tomorrow.

Thanks for calling in today.