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Monday, 17 October 2016

Art Yarn

Hi Everyone
I had a great time over the weekend working with Art Yarn. My first experience was a workshop at my local knit group venue - Fine Fettle Fibres. The idea was to play with the yarn and create a neck warmer style item. The textures and colours of the beautiful yarn proved to be hugely inspiring. I loved working with different colour and textures combinations. The neck warmer was knitted - using large 10mm needles. Here is a look at the initial knit :
Fine Fettle Fibres


When I got  home, I was still 'gushing' !! - my family received a detailed commentary on the mornings activities. 
However, as I shared my experience, I realised that the neck warmer although beautiful to look at, didn't quite make it as an item of clothing (for me).
 So ....... it all came out !  

I've spend some time knitting and re knitting the yarn several times - over a couple of sessions. I've been trying out different stitches and various combinations to give me new textures. I've enjoyed the experience over and over. I think I'm now ready to keep the latest version of my neck warmer.


 I've kept a neater, more solid base for the item and intend to weave some of the fluffy lighter yarn into the knitted fabric. I want to get the textures back. I'm also inspired to make some polymer beads in just the right colours. The beads will be sewn into the piece. I may also add some glass beads ?

The whole experience was great. Big thank you to Julie Wilson from 
Barefoot Yarns - for presenting her workshop and creating her wonderful yarns.

Thanks for calling in.