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Friday, 21 October 2016

Is it too soon ?

Hi Everyone
I'm quite excited about this little project - the next one for one of our regular Making Workshops. I know it's far too soon to mention Christmas ! However, in the world of Making everything takes lots of time and planning/prep needs to be done early. From now on (in this post) I will only mention the letter C rather than the whole word.
The project is a little fabric C tree. It's the next stage in our printing workshop series. We will print some fabric and make into a little stuffed C tree. The trees will then find themselves planted into little plant pots. I'm going to produce a painted plant pot and a decoupaged version. I have some fake moss to top the planted trees. I need to consider what the trees will be planted in ? The trees are inspired by a Tone Finnanger book 'Homemade & Happy'. Here is a quick peek at the inspiration :


Our plan is to print some patterns on plain fabric using a home made fabric paint. The patterns could be C patterns or not - the Tone Finnanger trees don't use C fabric but the shape leaves you under the impression it's definitely a C tree.
 I love making stuff from scratch and this is a perfect example of how we can live real creativity. We will have our own stamp, our own paint - in exactly the right colours and our own design on the fabric. I'm going to use a similar shape pattern for the tree but again we can design our own.
 I'm currently working on my samples and will share when I'm there. I think the project will be a few sessions long as there's quite a bit of designing and preparing to take place.
Our workshop Makers are so capable, I'm sure we can create something very special. The trees look great together in different sizes.

Have a great weekend. I'm off for a mini Grand Tour next week and will call in with a few photos - if internet connection permits !
Thanks for calling in today.