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Friday, 4 August 2017

Friday Fibre Update

Hi Everyone
My fibre update today is a summary rather than an update as such. I've been sharing progress on the current projects most of the week so - no real surprises !


The Hanabira is moving on at a very leisurely pace. I'm still not sure about the whole project. The sleeve is a new addition but my idea of introducing a new stitch pattern has not been successful, so that needs to come out. I wanted to try on the cardigan for size and amazingly the whole thing is good from a fit point of view. My major issues - the front edge, it's very uneven and the stitch pattern for the whole garment, is not consistent. However, I'm soldiering on and will probably complete the pattern and then 'rip out' and start again. I'm using the project as a training exercises and hoping I will have learned enough to make a good version. I'm very happy with my flower boarder and the shape of the cardigan, so that a bonus.

Next is the new Spotty Sock project, this is going well. I've changed to a circular needle and made much better progress. I think the rib section on DPNs was a good move but for me but the FairIsle was begining to get messy. I think, the lack of skill on my part was creating a loose stitch construction. I find it impossible to hold my yarn in both hands and as a result the floats amongst the four seperate DPNs was causing slack stitches. The circular needle has allowed me to create a consistent pattern tension and results in a neat fabric. I'm onto the last spot rows for the sock leg and then it's the heel. I do enjoy FairIsle knitting, I can see more coming along soon.

Next, is my current spinning project. This is a big, big project. I'm spinning for a jumper (Man size) so lots more to go, I've only just started. The fibre is a mix of Corriedale and Blue Faced Leicester which I'm developing as I go. I blend a batch of rolags, spin, ply and move on. I'm measuring my yardage as I go and will complete the spin before knitting but I've chosen a pattern, so I know how much I will need. 
With handspun there is always the chance that gauge will be different so I'm going to prepare for that and will spin more. By gauge, I mean both thr handspun weight as well as my knitting gauge (I'm a very tight knitter). The sweater pattern is suggesting 12x128m skeins, which sounds overwhelming! However, I'm aiming to just keep going and I'll get there. So far, I'm 66m in ! but I've just started. My 66m was done over one session, I don't remember how long it took but I often loose myself in time while spinning so I'm not phased by the plan. The yarn from this spin is so lovely and the spinning is such a joy. I've already decided not to get obsessive about measuring, I'm hoping to use my Friday round up to keep checking yardage, so once a week I will count up. My time is quite limited so I'm already mentally prepared for the long haul.

That's it for my Fibre round up. There are are a few finishing jobs 'on the go' but I've not touched them all week, so they don't count for today.

Thanks for calling in today. Next week, we are off for our Grand Tour, so posts will be either difficult or non existent. I always have great intentions of keeping the blog going and am disappointed by lack of phone signal. So, my plan this time is to collect a range of images and do a summary when we get back. It's all a bit of a surprise this year - to me as well as everyone else ! Not sure exactly what's happening - all very exciting !

Hope to be back in a week or so. Until then, have a great weekend.
Bye for now.