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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Spotty Socks

Hi Everyone 
I spent some time yesterday developing a new knitting project - a pair of Spotty Socks. Before deciding on my cast on,  I tried many different techniques - new and old to me. My final decision was a Picot Cast On. I wanted a very loose top and think the Picot gives the socks a pretty 'look'.  I'm using Sock Yeah yarn in two colours - Benitoit and Peridot. The yarn is just leftovers from other socks, I'm hoping I have enough to complete my socks ? My usual approach is to use a circular needle but this time I've gone for the DPNs.

All is going well, so far. I've developed the cuff in a single rib and started the spot pattern. It's looking good and I'm enjoying the very simple FairIsle which produces the spots. The sock is a very simple pattern and Im adapting as I go. I'll go into more detail when I'm finished re the pattern.
Here's a quick peak at my progress.


I have another repeat of theses two spots patterns and then it's the heel ! I've made great progress. I do enjoy the FairIsle thing.

I'm hoping to keep going with the socks alongside my 'finishing' knitting projects. I'm on track to finish sewing in the ends of another cardigan today. 
It's Friday's fibre update tomorrow, so I'll round up my fibre related projects from this week, call in again for my summary.

Thanks for visiting today.