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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

More Spinning Tales

Hi Everyone
Another spinning story today. I've been preparing this project for quite some time and have only just completed my first batch of yarn. This is a BFL/ Corriedale blended yarn. I'm blending so I'm hoping to have a consistent mix of fibres across the spin ! It's a very satisfying thing to do and my knitted sample is inspiring me to keep going with this very long job.
I'm spinning a sweater quantity of fibre with some variation in yarn blend. I'm hoping to have a lighter and darker range of colours for the final yarn. I don't need to change the blend very much to get my colour range, so need to keep checking my samples. The blend is approximately 60% BFL to 40% Corriedale (dark grey) and I'm slightly increasing the Corriedale for the rib elements of the sweater. Way back in May, I posted this photo of my knitted sample


This lovely sample is keeping me going. It feels wonderful and I'm certain it's going to be a great sweater. This time it's not for me !!

Here's my first batch of 66m :


Only 1400m to go ! I'll report back each Friday re my progress alongside the Hanabira crochet project, so call in to check progress. This is a long term project and there no deadlines and I'm not daunted so 'all is well'.

Thanks for calling in today.