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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Spinning Treats

Hi Everyone
A great little package arrived yesterday - my monthly subscription to the Time Travellers Club. This is something organised by Hilltop Cloud a fibre company based in the hills of Mid-Wales. There are lots of beautiful fibres in their shop and a number of different subscription clubs as well as other things about fibre - take a look. I love all their things and could easily buy the entire shop ! Look here for more information.

My July subscription arrived along with the usual (always interesting) story behind the inspiration for the monthly fibre. This month the inspiration is all about Saffron. The fibre has been dyed with lots of shades of orange, pinks and purple - it's stunning. 


I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my fibre ? I think it needs to be part of something special. I love the colour combinations. I have just over 100 gms. and a fingering weight yarn is suggested (in my head) as I look at the fibre. I'd like to keep the intensity of the colours so may go for a shawl ? If I go for a fingering weight yarn, I should have enough for a small shawl.
The fibre is 17% Linen, 17% Merino and 66% BFL. I'll make a small sample and see how it wants to spin. My general approach to new fibre is to 'feel' how the fibre wants to be spun rather than having a definite plan at the begining. I'll share my sample, when it's ready.

Thanks for calling in today.