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Friday, 10 February 2012

The Amazing Tricia Guild !

Hi Everybody
weather quite calm today but so very cold.

 Been busy again with reviewing and ideas. The Tricia Guild Book arrived yesterday and is as good as I thought it would be - loads of fabulous pictures and lovely colours - just my sort of combinations - bright pinks and blues etc
Back of Tricia Guild book

I was deilghted to notice a few of the room styles in the book are not a million miles away from my own rooms. The picture arrangements are also similar. These are a few of my paintings mixed in with some photos. I will be making adjustments after a few weeks of pouring through the new book.

thepapersac village painting developments
Also spent a bit of time developing thepapersac village. Still under development. One thing I have decided is that I will make some multi layered white/cream backgrounds and will vamp up the house colours. I need to take inspiration from my new book. Will share the results here.

Best get onto it right now.

Bye for now.