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Monday, 20 February 2012

The Miss Havershams

Hi Everyone
I've had a bit of a break - no blogs for over a week !
We had a family holiday last week - a weekend away in Harrogate followed by a series of long walks each day, closer to home.
The weather behaved itself all week and we had lovely bright days some cold but very fresh. I do feel as if I've had a good holiday. Often, as soon as I'm back home, it seems as if any holiday break is forgotten almost immediately - that I don't remember having it at all !!!
The weather today has been very mixed - quite mild, a little windy and some wet later !!!
It goes without saying, my work has suffered ( last week) but I've worked on a few paintings today.

to be know as the 'Miss Havershams'

I'm hoping to catch up this week with my Work Menu (this is a body of work broken down into a daily schedule). I've also been away from my computer all week but tried to catch up a little today. I've seen a video tutorial from Suzi Blu. This is always fantastic inspiration and she is a a true genius at work. Everytime I watch her video's she makes me believe I can do it too. Obviously, I can't actually but I am usually so captured that I do pick up a new skill element to try. Take a look and be transformed.
suzi blu.
I need to get my shops in order too. I was distracted by the Valentine thing and produced some stuff but its such a short time and now forgotten. I need to get my other things going. My range this year will have something like seven different themes. All the areas of work are in various stages of development so I need to prioritise. I think my next area will be getting the current paintings (above) up to scratch (the noses are way out). The paintings are quite large and are looking in the scary stage (just now). This will change quickly when the features are proportioned. Need to do this now. There is also a story behind these characters and a house to be part of thepapersac village (check back in my blogs for more on this).

Bye for now.