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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bursting with new ideas !!!

Hi Everyone
weather report = damp,grey and very cold with black ice - urgg ! Hope to stay in today.
 I spent a lovely hour or so last night browsing my usual haunts - its left me full even 'over full' of ideas and inspiration for new projects. I must be disciplined. However, here is a picture (Cousin Ivy) I'd like to share from :

The pictures Katherine Quinn paints are fab. - I've admired her work most days. She always manages to give lovely names which capture the image so well. Take a look at her blog - I have a button here on the left.

Cousin Ivy
I've also added several new ideas to my Work Menu - I now need a team of assistants to get it all done !
One thing that I have decided I will pursue - a little extra offer from thepapersac - some basic materials/resources which I think I will call 'bit and pieces @ thepapersac' or 'papersac elements' - not sure ? These items will be stuff that I use myself in developing my own work - possibly left over from projects or things which may allow buyers to add their own elements to items I have made. I like the idea of personalising items and think this is a way of encouraging people to do this ? I will focus myself on producing lovely packaging which can have a storage or gift use at some future stage. The packaging will be designed around my original ART. Again, I like the idea of re-using. This idea is under development as they say.

Am going to focus on thepapersac village today - preparations for a larger painting with lots of the little houses ie produced so far. If you look back a few weeks you will spot some of the little houses on this blog.

Also managed to get a few extra things in my shops. I've not updated Etsy for a while and need to get my products in there. Take a look at both shops.

In addition, I need to finish the Valentine Card for my own Valentine. I'm not going to put it up yet - someone may spot it !

Bye for now.