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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pinterest and thepapersac village

Hi Everyone
fab weather again - lovely bright sunshine and crispy cold ! A small drifting of snow still visible from my window.

Been busy with thepapersac village stuff - completed a few cards and tags and working on some notelets/postcards in different colours. I like the little writing space on the reverse of the tag. The envelope is a square pattern print (not especially visible in the photo). May do this to all my tags. Am still having trouble uploading in the right aspect - why does this happen ?

There is definately an air of the spring season about. I received an update on my favourite fashion site with their spring offer - lovely colours and fresh style (as usual) only wish I could buy the lot !TOAST - take a look and dream.

Rose Ring (repaired)
Pencil Jewels
original sophisticated look earrings
Have also come across loads of links (over the last few days) to coloured pencil jewellery. I mentioned on this blog a while ago - although, it looked much more sophisticated last time.

Here is a link to the tutorial for this version
: Tutorial

Still like the idea and its so simple.

Am wearing the Rose Ring again - repaired and has lasted about a week. I am careful with it and prepared for it to break at any moment = bit stressful !

Have also linked myself to the Pinterest mob - I was'nt sure what to do with it until yesterday but I get it now - great for inspiration and organising/finding brilliant images - take a look. My pins are linked from this blog page see the button.

Must get on.
Bye for now