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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leggings to make and 'pins' to inspire ! with hearts too.

Hi Everyone
another day of blue -ish sky ! Mild and dry - looking good.

 I've spent a little time looking around at my Daily Blog trawl (I have about 4/5 regular blog reads as well as stacks of articles via Etsy) and have come across so many wonderful ideas. I am very taken with these leggings.
The article is how to make them or any other leggings.I may give it a go.Not sure where I can source the right fabric - fairly key to the
wearability !    I like leggings and do wear them (often) and would like to create a special pair.

Leggings Tutorial -still a bit sceptical but hey, I'm willing to have a go.

current favourite pin

On another matter, I am hooked on inspirational 'pinning' ie Pinterest (I have a button on this blog) - there are some amazing ideas. I often look at my own boards for ideas. Anyway, I'm amazed at the range of folk that repin my pins. How do they come across my pins ? These people seem to be so unlikely to both see my pins in the first place and actually like them and repin. I know about the repins as I get an email telling me who/how many folk have repinned. The people I'm talking about don't seem to have any other stuff on their boards remotely similar to my stuff. Minor in the scheme of life but it exercises me every time.
Here is an example of my favourite pin for the moment- buttons on Folksy.

Workwise, I think Miss H senior will get attention today. I'm going to link the fact that its Feb29th. today - the 'leap day' needs to get a mention.

 I also need to get my photos of the shop offer done while the natuarl light is good. I will be announcing day three of this weeks offer later. I reviewed The Weekly Shop List (see last night note) and am much happier with four new things each week - with a Shop Fill on Fridays Event.
I am a creature of habit - now, I know where I am. Much less pressure (all my own) on the weeks work schedule. My state of mind - the creative bit anyway - needs to be calm and 'free'.
On that note, I need to get on.

Bye for now

Hi again - did'nt get my photos done. I did complete a series of the batches from this weeks offer. I also set up new labels and bagged some stuff.However, Miss H senior is still waiting !! she does need some attention tomorrow. 
The new item for today is fabric hearts :Miss Mitchells Hearts. Some in red felt and some in linen. These hearts are filled with lavender - so will be pretty with a purpose.
Bye for now.