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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The 'make-over' of Miss Haversham (senior).

Hi Everyone
been a bit wet today - although warm and almost 'spring-like'. I've not been well again so did'nt get much further with my Miss Havershams. I have a new look face -
Miss Haversham senior

I've cut the older Miss H hair and she is altogether a much more modern version of my original idea. I've also seen a great dress from Marks and Spencer and am hoping to dress her in a similar dress plus some other ideas from their Limited Range. I love every item in their Limited Range as it appears on the website (take a look - great video and model pictures).Limited Range Link

The yellow dress is in 'lace'. I'm trying to find some actual lace to die a mustard/yellow colour. I also want to use a stripe,boxy top somehow - not sure exactly ? I do have a long, thin piece of wood for the final paining - it needs 'prepping' and a background but I like the idea of the outfit influencing the painting. Lets see how it goes.

I'm just adding the first sketches of the Miss Mitchells to show how she has changed. I changed the eye position and the nose and the hairstyle !! I may change the nose ? The second stage Miss haversham needs her left eye makeup re doing too.
first Miss Havershams
Thats about it for now. Bye.