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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Valentine Cards - buy several for less

Hi Everyone
weather is fantastic again - clear, blue sky and very, very cold. Just right.

I've spent quite a while reviewing my work journal - looking from Jan 2012 (I have an entry each day which usually involves a work list or lots of ideas for work) to the present day and I now have a more directed work programme. This should be evident from my blog - progress pictures should show work done !!! - thats the plan.
My desk is currently a big mess - I need a whole new studio design. My idea is to chuck lots of rubbish and redign all storage and furniture. Its only a little room and I need to share it. I'm going to spend time thinking and planning and will also produce a picture for thepapersac village collection - I figure this will help me focus and feel like I'm not just wasting valuable creative time. I will do a before and after photo.
Been doing a bit of Pinterest too (try it) - you can see my stuff from the blog. Look for the Pinterest button.

Check out my valentine stuff - time running out to get your cards - why not send a couple - I'm offering a reduction for buying 2 or more cards.

Bye for now