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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Miss Havershams clothes (second edition)

Hi Everyone
weather very mild today but with a hint of rain ! - not yet but I'm taking my umberella.
Had a very lazy morning and a long shower - now ready to go.
I've done a sketch of the clothes for Miss Haversham (senior) and sorted the wood for the painting - will cut out the clothes later - not found my lace yet (dress/skirt - look back for details in yesterdays blog) but will do later. The idea for the backgroud is to be a version of a catwalk or large room - need to play with more ideas before deciding. Will take a picture of the bits when assembled later today and add to this blog.
Here is the promised assembled bits :  The clothing is just the pattern for cutting - I will use some patterned paper for the box jacket and will probably paint the top and I hope to make a mustard colour lace skirt - perhaps over a similar slip ? Not sure as yet
assembled bits

Am also hoping to get some of thepapersac village pictures together - I have a trio of mini paintings and am going to diplay as 'one larger picture' - I'm finding ways of linking them together - ribbons or string are my favoured idea at the moment. I need to adjust colours but they will look a little like this development picture with a third canvas using larger images of the houses.
thepapersac village development plans
 I'm hoping to get some more cards out using these paintings - I did a few recently but they are either sold or sent.
I have a planned series of dolls too - using the same trio idea - these will be linked with bigger flamboyant ribbons and will be possible to add personalised messages. My timeline for this is early next week  - will preview here before going into the shops.

Bye for now