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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Could it be Mary Portas @ thepapersac ? second edition

Hi Everyone
today is a little damp but warner - I hope thats the end to very cold weather (fingers crossed - I know its a bit early).
I did'nt get any good photos last night - too dark. However, here are a few shots showing an element of progress - it was rather a frustrating afternoon yesterday - should have been OK but 'the state of mind was not there' ! Anyway .... another day today ! I worked on Miss H senior - here she is in two leg poses. I have a few more leg positions and am not sure which one to use ? My plan is to do a collage - side by side.Then choose.

There is more than a hint of Mary Portas (see below). I did't find a head to toe shot of Mary but she does have a 'movement/stance' like Miss H senior (or would have if she were not a few bits of paper) - this is just a coincidence and it only occurred to me after the doll had been placed on the background. Not sure what Mary would say ! I do like Mary and her style as well as her attitude. She has a great house too - seen it in magazines. Also like her Clarks shoe range. 'All in all' - the similarity with Miss H senior is a positive one.The yellow lace skirt will look great when it finished - it looks a bit wrong at the moment. The whole piece is quite a way from finished (obviously). Just thought I would make that clear.

Another update - 'the village'. Yet again - the photo is not the right way for viewing. I have tried (many times) to change this. Will try again. The orientation does not reflect well on my compositions.
The little individual houses have taken on a 'beech-like' feel - they are very similar to the house form I used for the Christmas Wood stuff (@ Christmas) but in more 'summer' colours. The wood was designed for Miss Haversham senior - but I think I will need another to use with this piece of work. My plan is to develop bunting to 'go with/attach to' the painting. I also feel the beech thing for the background would be good, not sure ?

The other village stuff (again wrong way up) has moved on slightly but not much. I think I need to concentrate on this work today.

Must go.
Bye for now.
Update :
Having committed to introducing a new item for the shops each day - I'm behind already (only 2 days in !).I do have a good reason !!! My entry for today is Butterfly Jewels - these are little butterfly embelishments which compliment the Miss Mitchell Prints and have been developed for a while but this new version use's handmade paper and does have a more 'cloth-like' feel to them. I hope they look more colourful too. Both today and yesterdays offer are yet to be photographed and put into the shop. I've had a slight rethink about the Miss Mitchell :I'm always here for you print (from yesterday). I want to add a frame and a hanging ribbon. - I've sourced just the right frame and am awaiting delivery. As a result of the re think I have also decided a new approach to my production and launch. I think, I will introduce an item each day Mon to Thurs and then Fri will upload to the shops. Its more efficient to do a batch and it will have more of an impact.On reflection, I should have done this before.

Bye again.