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Friday, 24 February 2012

Been 'drifting' !!

Hi Everyone
another bright day today - again rain could arrive at any minute ! However, its warmish and dry at the moment.

Not sure if you have noticed but I've just created a few extra items on the blog - a search facility (for the blog) and a 'popular' post link plus some extras on the bottom of the post - take a look, you can rate the post - as you see it !. I will give them a week or so. If they are just cluttering up the blog they may - go.

Am hoping to finish the 'bits' for Miss Haversham senior (legs and final patterns/fabrics) today as well as the village paintings - these little pictures are being ignored, no reason I can think of ? Having difficulty locating lace for the Miss Haversham skirt ! - may need to shop.

 I think I'm going to add an item each day to the shops and will use the blog to launch such items - I need to think about how to do this.My thinking at the moment is to take a similar style to my daily weather report. I always start with the weather - perhaps, I could finish with the new shop item. I'm doing this to help me identify appropriate and efficient working schedules (and not pure indulgence when the thought enters my very full head). I would like to focus my work a little more - so this is my solution. I'm not beating myself up as such - I have so little time for all the things I want to do but for about a month or so - I've been drifting ! Not always a bad thing but all things come to an end. I must be reallistic and this is my way forward.
All very serious - so here is a lovely image to finish. I love this expression and the whole idea is so inspirational. This lovely little thing is called Lola and is
made by Jenny M take a look at her work.

Bye for now