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Monday, 27 February 2012

Miss Haversham is almost with us .........(second edition)

Hi Everyone
been quite a good weekend generally weatherwise - 'coldish' but bright and dry.
We have been busy as usual with family stuff but did manage a little development re Miss Haversham senior - she has some legs and a lace skirt fabric plus a top and jacket. The background is also 'under development' - only a white base at the moment but I have 'prepped' the wood.Will get a photo up later. Photo not so good will try again tomorrow.

After some feedback, I've added the last seven days worth of posts to the blog - this means there will be no long gaps on the page, after the days post. It will help continuity of story lines and give me a prompt for following up stuff. I hope its an improvement.

Not sure whats in store today ? - I think Miss Haversham at the moment deserves to be moved on. I need to mop up the village stuff and get my first daily item for the shops. This is a new thing for me today ie the daily shop item - so we will see how it goes. Although I give myself loads of extra pressure - the idea will focus my mind. Will report exactly whats involved later today with some photos. The first item will be a Miss Mitchell print - with a new message and will go into the shop tomorrow.
I have an idea about a frame and a hanging ribbon on this one !

Also, last week I added things to the blog  in a second edition update (in a different coloured text) - I quite like this feature so may do this from time to time. This links nicely with my point of adding stuff later. When I can't have everything ready for my morning post, I often leave it out - just because I don't have a photo to hand. Hopefully, an update option can again help with continuity and development of projects.

Must get on.

Bye for now.