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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

12 Days of Christmas Jewels - Day 7

Hi Everyone
Today, it's day 7 of 12 Days of Jewellery @ thepapersac and the item of the day is a Bicone Stretch Bracelet.

You can find the technique for making these beads in the 17/11/14 post.

I have used 20 individual beads for my bracelet. I've added a single red/gold mix bead in there - to add interest. The red bead is a different shape so acts as a bit of a focal bead. Even though this 'focal' bead is relatively small - I like the focus it gives.

I've also decided to use different sizes and shapes of Bicone beads, some have points and some are quite flat lentil shaped beads. I used the same technique for making all the beads but I like the variety that can be achieved with this simple technique. I've also made the threading holes in different place - this gives another option for changing the look of the final bracelet.

If you choose to use larger size beads, less beads will be required. To decide on how many beads you need, simply measure your wrist and keep trying on the item for size. Sometimes, the way in which beads are arranged make a difference to how the bracelet 'sits' on the wrist and how it moves. Keep trying on - to check you are happy with the bead sequence.The bracelet is very simple in terms of design and construction - it's predominantly made from Old Gold coloured Sculpey clay. I do think the colour gives a 'richness' to the piece but you could,of course,use any colour.

This would be a very easy gift item to make for Christmas. Hope you are inspired.

Thanks for reading.