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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

12 Days of Jewellery for Christmas - bit of 'bling'

Hi Everyone
Today, it's day ? of the '12 days of jewellery @ thepapersac'. This week it's the Rounds Bead series. My jewellery item for today is a pair of Dangle Rounds.

The beads are very simple thin (clay rolled to number 4 in the pasta machine). I've used 3 discs per earring but you could use more and with different colours/textures etc. I've punched round shapes in the clay and simply made a large hole in the centre. The holes do need to be quite large to allow them to move around the wires. The movement is a key element of the design. I'm going to try out some gold leaf to clay and use a similar design for a change.The discs are easily removed so you could add a few different disc beads to allow for a different look.
A good point to note - I've used a gold plated wire but any wire could be used. I don't usually use plated wires but I've tested this one and I do like it (I've had very sensitive ears in the past and avoided plated wires). Certainly for Christmas, these earrings provide a bit of 'bling'.

I hope you feel inspired to have a go at this design. It's quick and easy as a 'gift make'.

Thanks for reading.