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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

12 Days of Christmas Jewellery - Day 6

Hi Everyone
Today, it's day 6 of 12 Days of Jewellery @ thepapersac and the item of the day is a Bicone Drop Earring. Half way through the 12 days already !

I detailed the Bicone method yesterday, so look back for details of producing the Bicone bead if you want to make from scratch.

Day 6 is all about adapting the bead to a slightly different design (from yesterday). I've added a bit of bling via the gold and silver wires but also with an applied metal leaf and glitter clay. I added the metal leaf (gold) at the pre shaping stage and then made the beads as per the technique. The glitter clay (silver) was mixed as a Silver and Spanish Green and then shaped into the Bicones.

You could use any ear wires but I made these for the job. I will have some in my shop soon. Both wires are very similar in design and shape although the sterling silver version have a hammered 'stopper' and the gold version have a small loop. The loop allows extra Bicones to be added for extra glamour.

Hope you are inspired to make some of these earrings as gifts - so easy to make and they are lovely to wear. I'm looking for a green Christmas outfit to match !

Thanks for reading.