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Friday, 14 November 2014

Star Drop Chain Necklace

Hi Everyone
Today, it's day 4 of 12 Days of Jewellery @ thepapersac and the item of the day is a Star Drop Chain Necklace.

I've been wearing the necklace for a few days (to check out durability) and I love it - it's definitely got bling ! I know the Star Beads are a small part of the necklace but they both shine and give a quick dash of red as I move. I used a gold chain this time. You could attach the the beads to any chain with big enough spaces to attach the jump rings. I think this one works well as the chain design allows a regular spaced point to attach the jump rings. I will have a few chains in the shop if you would like a similar chain to the one I the photo.

I used 16 of the smallest Star Beads (read back for details of how to make the beads) and as I've mentioned, attached them via jump rings. The necklace measures about 46cm which has turned out a good length for me. I used gold and red as my colours but you could use any colours and sizes of a bead. I'm also convinced I can change the beads to co ordinate with Christmas outfits for all the events I will be going to (possibly). I often find myself creating a specific necklace for a particular outfit and never wear it again. I feel, I can adapt this necklace design for that special occasion - I particularly like this idea.

That's it for the 4 Star Bead designs. Here is a round up of the Star Bead items this week.

Next week I will move onto the bicone bead designs and suggest another 4 items.

Have a great weekend, thanks for reading.