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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Making Beads

Hi Everyone
I'm still struggling with my head cold - yesterday was a bit of a difficult day and I spent most of it in bed. My plans for tackling my rather chaotic house post holidays didn't happen ! So big mess even bigger.

Today, it's our polymer clay class and we are on Workshop 4 of the series. I really enjoy these little classes and am looking forward to seeing what people come up with. Ive developed a few pieces with specific techniques in mind and have moved on my thinking re fastenings. Fastenings are always a problem for me. I like the simple approach and often abandon designs because I can't find a suitable fastening. Ive, specifically, been working on magnet clasps. I'm not there yet but I'm hoping I find a technique which I'm happy with. Ive also been working on a chain design, this is more successful. I do like it and I'm hoping it will work as one of my regular necklace chains. I'm going to wear it for a few days to check how it looks and works for me. Photos will be taken today and I will share tomorrow.
Here is a peak of the workshop e-poster for today's class. The class will focus on specific bead designs prompted by particular techniques. I will take some images of the work we produce and share them later this week.

Thanks for reading.