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Monday, 17 November 2014

Bicone Stud Earrings

Hi Everyone
We are in week 2 (already) of the '12 days of jewellery @ thepapersac'. This week it's the Bicone Bead series. My jewellery item of the day is a pair of Stud Bicone Earrings.

Making a bicone bead is a very simple and but surprisingly 'pleasing' technique. The first stage is to condition a small ball of clay and place it on a tile or hard surface. To form the shape, I use a small, clear acrylic plate, you could use a glass with a flat bottom. There is an advantage to seeing how the process is developing through the glass or plate.

The plate needs to move over the clay in a small circular motion. I find it best to go slowly and experiment with how much pressure is placed on the clay. As you make circular movements with the plate or glass, the clay begins to take on a Bicone or 'triangle' shape. If the shape does not happen immediately keep practicing with different size circular movements. You can make very small bicone beads or larger ones, the very small beads can be tricky to get a threading hole through the centre either from end to end or through the centre. Often, the shape is slightly compromised when you pass the hole tool through. I find it best to leave the shaped bicone bead clay to rest before making a hole. Also, it can be a good idea to use a couple of piercing tools to make the holes.

When the shape comes together, it's a very satisfying experience.

My first piece of jewellery in the Bicone Collection is a simple pair of stud earrings. I've used an Old Gold coloured clay but you could use any colour. I've shaped the bead using the technique described and then cut the bead down the centre. I've made the bead a little larger than my usual stud earrings, I think this makes the item a little more 'glamorous' - just right for a gift.

I've added a sterling silver post and produced a simple stud earring.

I hope you are inspired to make these earrings for yourself.

Thanks for reading.