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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Workshop Beads

Hi Everyone
Another day and my head cold is slightly better .... but not much !! One of the boys has gone down too. He has taken to his bed !

Yesterday's polymer clay workshop created some lovely beads. Here is a few images :

This is a small selection of the lovely work produced. The girls have really developed their skills and ideas. Everyone is also enthusiastic about 'being creative with colours and ideas. I think our next move, as a group, is to start producing items for sale. Central to our workshops is fundraising to support a botanical project in the grounds of our local High School.

I mentioned yesterday, a new necklace Ive developed using a new chain design. I used the necklace to introduce bicone bead development at the workshop. The chain is lovely to wear and Ive already had positive comments about the necklace last night at another event. I'm already planning new designs using the chain.

Ive decided to keep this one for myself !

Thanks for reading.