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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Rounds Stretch Bracelet - 12 jewellery days @ thepapersac

Hi Everyone
Today, it's day 11of the '12 days of jewellery @ thepapersac', I couldn't work out which day it was yesterday ! That means it's almost at the end - only 1 more jewellery item to go.

I've enjoyed making these items and have developed a few of the pieces into kits. These kits will be an ongoing thing and I'm hoping to develop different colours and finishes for the beads.

This week it's the Rounds Bead Series. The Rounds beads are explained in Monday's post (24/11/14). My jewellery item for today using the Rounds beads is something I'm calling a 'Rounds Stretch Bracelet.

Ive used a mix of Old Gold and Silver clay for the beads. These beads are made with the smallest round punch I have. Each beads measures 0.7 cm across. Because the individual beads are quite small this bracelet needs lots of them (50 gold and 30 silver). Collectively the beads give a solid type structure to the bracelet. I've tied a length of stretch string with a surgeons knot and hidden the knot inside 3 'rounds' ( see above left photo), this gives the bracelet a neat finish. That's about it for the design. It's a very simple piece to make and I like the colour mix, hope you are inspired to make one of your own.

Thanks for reading.