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Thursday, 6 November 2014

12 Days of Christmas Jewellery Projects

Hi Everyone
Almost functioning today - the head cold is disappearing slowly and I'm feeling more energised ! I think ?

Today, my focus is a range of Christmas jewellery to make yourself. I don't like preparing too early or even mentioning the 'C' word before November - we are in November so OK on that one !

My idea is to design 4 simple projects to include stud earrings,drop earrings,bracelet and necklace. Each project will use different focal beads to add up to 12 individual items. Hope you follow that ? After the first set of designs you will find the individual items very easy to produce and should allow time for making larger numbers (if you choose to make gifts for lots of friends and family). I always make a batch of jewellery gifts in this way for people who help and support me throughout the year. Often such gifts are very simple and inexpensive but hand crafted. My recipients always mention how much they appreciate this kind of gift. I like to make little gift pockets to gift wrap. So, as usual, I'm including with my 12 days of Christmas Prep @ thepapersac projects. This will start in a few weeks and hopefully link with the jewellery projects.

Starting next Monday, I will provide a project each day. I hope it's enough time to make the items for yourself or for Christmas gifts. I'm using ideas which don't need too many tools or technical skills. I think, I'm going for traditional green and red colours using a bit of gold and silver. The basic designs will be adaptable so you could use any colours. I make most of my own findings so will include some details about how I do, what I do. The techniques I use are very simple and I aim to keep designs simple too. Hopefully my '12 days of jewellery gift prep.' will be accessible for everyone.

Yesterday, I did a little experimentation with the 12 days ideas. Here is a peak of what I came up with :

Thanks for reading.