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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Rounds Necklace.

Hi Everyone
I can't believe it's the last of 12 Days of Jewellery @ thepapersac. The idea behind these little projects was to give ideas to make jewellery Christmas gifts. The mini projects needed to be quick and easy to make (in possibly batches) I've done this myself - so I know it works and am confident about the process.

My personal gifts are almost complete (amazing for me at this stage) and the best tip I have is to plan upfront - decide exactly what you want to make at the beginning. My life doesn't usually work like this. I will have an idea and then another and another etc. - mine is a creative thing but a time consuming business. Often, I end up frustrated and stressed out due to lack of time. Not this year !!!

Back to the final piece. It's a necklace based on the Rounds Beads, I'm simply calling my necklace a Rounds Necklace. The Rounds Beads are explained in Monday's blog (24/11/14)
Here is my necklace :

I've used a random collection of Christmas colours (you can use any colours) and threaded them onto red wax cotton. Measure the final length of the necklace you want to make and add an overlap for adjusting. There are 5 red Rounds at the back, acting as a 'stopper' for the adjustable length. I made the 5 individual beads and pressed them together with a hole through the whole thing prior to baking. I've finished the ends of the cord (after toeing a slide knot on each side) with 2 small Rounds.
The necklace is really attractive and so simple to make. I've got about 80 beads in the necklace but as they are punched out they are quick to make. Some beads are cut from thin raw clay (number 4 on the pasta machine) and others from thicker (number 1 on the pasta machine) - you can use any thickness and I feel the variety gives the piece a more attractive look. It doesn't matter if you don't have a pasta machine - just roll out the clay.
The whole collection of beads took about 20gm clay - tiny amount for such a large piece.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the whole Christmas Collection coming together. Tomorrow I will post all 12 - plenty time to get making.

Thanks for reading.