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Monday, 3 November 2014

Whitby Finds

Hi Everyone
We are back home after a lovely time in Whitby last week. Ive managed to acquire a bad head cold and I'm feeling rather unwell ! Ive got mountains of washing to organise and a house full of stuff which needs putting away. However, I'm going to take life easy ... so the house and the washing will need to wait.
I was rather disappointed with the internet connection issues I had last week. I had some great photos to share and the moments have passed ! We do tend to spend our holidays in remote(ish) places but I'm still amazed at how difficult internet access can be, despite several devices which should work everywhere and anywhere !!
However, internet issues have disappeared and here we are - back with technology at the touch of a button. A few days ago, I mentioned finding examples of Jet in the Whitby Museum and I wanted to share some images. However, there was no photography in the museum so I'm acquiring a book on the subject. Not too much to report about Jet at the moment. Watch this space.
While in Whitby, I usually find something interesting to buy. This time I found a few objects. Ive got plans to use each item in some way. Here they are :

I'm going to use the marbles for making large beads. I have a plan to create some hollow beads using the marbles. I found a technique which I have high hopes for ! I will share my experiments.
The spoons are plated silver and have rather 'unpleasant' additions on the handles. I do like the shaft designs and the shape of the spoon parts. I'm going to try and improve the end of the handle by decorating it with polymer clay. I'm not sure exactly what the design will be at the moment, I'm still working on plans.
The third 'find' in my bag is the pieces of Jet. I'm thrilled with the Jet. Again, I'm not sure exactly what will happen with the Jet. I need to do lots of research.

Thanks for reading.