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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Fabric and/or Crochet ?

Hi Everyone
I'm working from my new list today. I've given myself a bit of balance with gardening, house and 'making' jobs each day. If I don't get time to complete each daily element - I review. If the job is important it stays and I move it to the next day. The long list gets a review each week. That's it, keep it simple.
My main thing is to keep relaxed and enjoy everything.
One of my projects is my Vita crochet doll - this is my current yarn project (replaces the socks from last week). I've been using my TILDA book by Tone Finnanger to get ideas for Vita's clothing. I'm ok with the crochet dress kit but I do like the Tone Finnanger dress idea and will go for fabric to dress Vita. I will finish the doll before developing a pattern for her dress. Vita is a different size doll and will need a custom job ! Here is a quick look at the two doll styles :


I love the fabric patterns and the colours.

Thanks for calling in.