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Friday, 12 August 2016

TILDA Inspiration

Hi Everyone
I have a new Tilda book by Tone Finnanger. It's amazing. Every project in the book has me inspired to make it. The image I've chosen to share is the Handmade Angel, the dress is very much like the dress I will make for Vita (read back earlier this week for more on this). I love the Angels and am definitely going to make a version for one of my Christmas Trees.

The whole book, Handmake & Happy is presented in a Winter/Christmas setting but with a different display, almost everything could be suitable for any occasion. The TILDA dolls have the usual distinct look but use paint to develop the head which I really like. I just need a few weeks spare to make everything !!!

One of the other things which I like in the book is a great little Christmas Tree (I'm feeling guilty thinking about these things in August) - it's solved my problem for the new annual Christmas tree project. You will need to wait until December to see how this turns out. No more talk of the 'C' word.

Moving on ............ here is the image of the dolls that has me so excited :


Thanks for calling in today.
Have a great weekend.