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Monday, 15 August 2016

Vita News

Hi Everyone
I'm still working on Vita, her body is almost there - just arms and legs to go. I've been spending most of my time working in the garden or watching the Rio Olympics so not much time left for anything ! I can crochet and watch Tv (almost) but can't cope with too much concentration work - several parts of Vita have needed to be done again !
However, she is coming on and with the inspiration from my latest TILDA book (read back last week for more on this) - I'm thinking fabric for her dress. I've also got my mind on a stand for Vita. This is a wooden item which allows the doll to stand upright - I've got a drawing and will get my friendly woodman to make it ASAP.
Here is a quick photo of Vita, as she is :

This is how Vita will aim to look after she is dressed -


I like the 'wings' and the spotty leggings - will see what I've got in terms of fabric before making final decisions about the detail.

Thanks for calling in.