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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Garden Tidy

Hi Everyone
I'm committed to making some time for our very untidy garden. We have quite a small patch but it's been sadly neglected for ? ...... can't remember when it was tidy. I don't want a 'clinical' look - just pretty to look at and easy to maintain. The job is a big one ! 
The garden is quite important to me - my workspace looks out directly onto the garden and I often find myself looking and being inspired.

I've decided to break the garden into tiny little rooms and am tackling one at a time. It's so easy to get disheartened but I'm soldiering on. I do enjoy gardening when I can dabble and do creative little jobs. The big overhaul of the moment (required) is somewhat more demanding. I'm working for an hour or so each day and it's slowly happening. I've been trying to get the kids involved too ! - another big job but they have done a few specific, directed tasks which is a great help.

Here is a flavour of the situation - two days in .......


So much more to do.

Thanks for calling in.