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Friday, 5 August 2016

New Inspiration needed !

Hi Everyone
I'm a bit weary today (as a result of three days heavy gardening !). I have a scheduled hour in the garden later today but I've been avoiding work of any sort for about an hour. However, I've found something again (which has been in the back of my mind for a while) to inspire and rejuvenate me. As if I need another project !!! Moving on ..... I'm keen to try out an idea inspired by this cute little house - 


I want to make a similar item to frame and hang - like a picture. The little house is tiny and made from Popsicle sticks - I have some Balsa wood instead. I'm going to make some bits of furniture - not sure what yet ? I love the whole thing and it fits very nicely with my current obsessions ie making dolls and The Papersack Village (read back on this blog over the years for more on these obsessions). 
I found the project (pictured) a month or so ago while browsing YouTube. It's a great tutorial and it's lovely to watch the house coming together. Go and watch it now HERE. Not sure when I will start my version - I've almost got going with yesterday's projects ! 

Thanks for calling in.