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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Knitted Jewellery

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing a little experiment with yarn and beads today. I did work on the crochet and beads idea from yesterday and got nowhere. Lots of little ideas came to nothing with the crochet so I decided to opt for the knitting approach. I had a little more success and will keep going with different beads and varied yarns. Here is a quick look at the knit result :


This is a twisted, short purl band (only 5 stitches wide) with a size 6 seed beads at each end. Using the purl knit stitch seems to make the band twist. I'm going to try to make a bracelet with a metal clasp. I'm hoping the clasp will be light enough to allow the twist to stay in shape.
My second experiment is to produce another knitted bracelet style :


This new bracelet will use a slide clasp (as in the inspiration photo). I need to choose my beads and find another yarn to compliment the first colour (bottom left) - this photo looks more blue than the actual colour of turquoise.

PS - I've not given up with the crochet idea, I'm going to try some different yarn and bigger beads today.

Thanks for calling in.