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Friday, 16 December 2016

Almost there !

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing progress on a couple of recent making projects today. I've been working on a small neck scarf for a few weeks and am almost there. I've finally taken delivery of a circular knitting needle (long story) which has made a huge difference to the knitting process. I had been struggling with very old metal needles which I didn't enjoy. The scarf is almost finished but I'm so glad of the new needle ! I love the colours and the style. The yarn I'm using is the one I dyed myself in Sep (look back to Sep for more on this).


There's also a few jewellery items I've been adapting for a while. I've been making pieces using something I call Doughnut Beads. These are quite adaptable. The beads work well as a bracelet or necklace and can be used successfully on hoop earrings. I'm experimenting with different claps and threading materials - particularly waxed cotton. I've almost finished a small Collection of pieces using various colours of Doughnut Beads.


It's also the last day of school term today - Christmas is imminent !!! I've still lots to do but I'm feeling less stressful than ever - great for me. Hopefully, all will fall into place without too much effort. Almost there ! 
I'm hoping to post a few photo stories over the Christmas break, so you are invited to call in when you get a moment.
                               Merry Christmas to everyone.
Thanks for calling in today.