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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Technique and Tools Day

Hi Everyone
It's my usual Wednesday Tools and Techniques Post today. 
I'm giving a big plug for something called a Crease Board tool. This tool, although not essential, is a great item for making cards and envelopes. If you look back to yesterday, you will notice a card making workshop at my local, regular class. 
In the workshop, we used a simple metal ruler and crease tool  but a Crease Board would have been brilliant. Unfortunately, at the moment, we only have a single board - I think we need to invest in more. Each Maker needs a tool or one between two at a push ! 
Here is a quick look at the item. I'm showing the Board with a Crease Tool - this Crease Tool is key to making a neat job and as already mentioned , the Tool can be used with a ruler to make a paper crease on a self healing mat.


This board (there are other types of board available) is a plastic item around A4 size and with several grooves. The idea is to use a Crease Tool (see photo) and run the tool down the grooves to make a clean fold in the paper - see the pink paper sample illustrating paper folds. The straight grooves on the Board make light work of folding especially where lots of folds are needed eg envelopes. Each groove on my board is labelled for paper size too.
The Board is great for creating boxes with card and its a regular tool in most of my everyday paper projects. Look out for more folding projects coming soon.

Thanks for reading.