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Friday, 9 December 2016

Silver Work

Hi Everyone
I spend a few hours yesterday messing around with sterling silver wire. I wanted to make some new hoop earrings and a few clasps for my Christmas bracelet (see yesterday's post for more on this). I also had enough time to develop a few new polymer beads (more finishing required). The hoops are good - I've tumbled them and they are lovely and shiney. One set has been made into a pair of mini Angel earrings  for me - I'll share these next time. The other larger set will get the polymer beads, again - I'll share thes results next time.


The clasps are slightly different shapes, one clasp and the closed link will be for my Christmas bracelet - the other two will get a new bracelet each. I'm not sure which clasp to use for which bracelet ? Having made the clasps, I'm now convinced, I need to change the beaded ends of the Christmas bracelet - there are too many beads going on at the ends. I need to look again at the arrangement.

I've had a lovely time developing these findings and it's made me realise how little silver stuff I've made this month. I've got lots of new ideas ! I now need a plan.

Thanks for calling in today.
Have a great weekend.