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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Christmas Angels

Hi Everyone
Today, in our Making Workshop we are tackling Christmas Angels. This is our last workshop before the big event so we will take it slowly, eat mince pies and chat as well as making the Angels, of course ! Today, will be all about relaxing into Christmas.
The finished Angels could be a tree decoration or a jewellery charm and possibly other things too ? We can use our imagination. I've made a few different samples sizes for reference - quite large Angels to very small ones. The larger Angels will probably be tree decorations and the smaller jewellery ideas? I will share our makes as usual later in the week.
Here is a quick look at my samples :




Here is a closer look at the tiny Angel earrings from yesterday :


At the moment, I have the Angel samples posing on a little tree along with some little gift pockets. This tree is an annual prop for Christmas. It's a piece of curly willow planted in a big block of wood. Each year the tree gets a new treatment, this time it's had a fine gold spray - quite subtle but the light bounces off the branches. My photo doesn't do the tree justice - it's very pretty with the little Angels scattered amongst the branches.


I've loved making these little things - so relaxing and they catch in any lights so are sparkling the whole time.

Thanks for calling in today.