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Friday, 23 December 2016

Views of our Christmas (1)

Hi Everyone
I'm planning on sharing a few images of our Christmas at home over the next few days. My first offer is our Christmas Card Tree. We use this display idea every year and it serves to keep all (mostly) the cards in one place and from flying around or getting knocked over. Special cards or very large cards tend to get a spot on a shelf or cupboard or as part of a particular arrangement.


I do like this tree - it's an instant Christmas view in the house. This tree was made from old bits of wood and is simply painted white! It has a small shelf at the top but cards are usually pinned all over it.
The tree used to be almost falling over with cards, this year - there's about enough cards to see most of them at a glance. I think lots of people don't send as many Christmas cards as they did a few years ago.
Our range of cards are great and I like the idea of adding new cards as they arrive - most days.

Thanks for calling in today.